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Playing the Big Points


As your level of play increases, simply keeping the ball in play may not be enough to win matches. The amount of control you have over the ball then becomes...

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looking for tennis partner

There are some many tennis players but it is not so easy to find a good partner.
It is frustrated to look and find player that fits my level.
Looking for tennis...

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Tipsarevic naked

I heard that Tipsarevic have been posing naked.
Have anyone seen pictures?? Are they online??

I have seen him playing preatty good, and decent looking but now I wonder to see more.

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find tennis partners

I just signed up to the site and I'm hoping to find tennis partners.
Even tough tennis is a very social sport to find a good partner is very challenging.
Not always...

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dont take your health for granted
i have not been able to play for 4 months
anchilles problem and pinched nerve

always stretch before playing and wear good sneakers.

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Mardy's Fish shaved legs, why

I'm wondering why would tennis player shave legs. Apparently Fish does.
Is that for better tennis or just looking decision.
I can't think of any possible ideas why would shaved legs help...

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Richards Gasquet one handed backend


One of the best one handed backhand. There is not too many players with such beautiful technique. In my opinion is preparation to this backhand is amazing.

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Safina's slow death on the court

6-0, 6-0 this is just a horrible way to loose at any level, especially in Grand Slam.
I would be really surprised if she will get over this quickly. I think...

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Caroline Wozniacki on court fashion disaster

Latest on court fashion appearance of Caroline Wozniacki is a disaster.
Skirt looks awful, it is unflattering and makes Caroline looks like she gain some pounds.
Adidas with her designer Stella McCartney...

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Federer is dropping Monte Carlo from schedule


It is surprising for me that Roger is dropping Monte Carlo masters tournament from his schedule.
He didn't capture this title yet and I would think he would like to have...

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Bart is the best


Blogging is the best. Bart is the best

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Rafa nadal went down to Melzer

Rafa lost to Malzer in today Shanghai Third round match which shocked lots of tennis folks. True is that Melzer played out of his mind. Hitting amazing winners and bully...

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Rafa Nadal got US Open title a way to easy

This is amazing how easily Rafa won US Open title. Looking back at him previous years he struggle to get even to semis and this year he won with loosing...

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What is wrong with Venus Williams


Venus is weird, she plays great but as a person I think she is kind off weird.
Her latest dress that she wears on US Open just confirmed my opinion.
I mean...

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Tennis Racquets


You would definitely cherish to grab the Wilson or head tennis racquets in your hands as it is being used by most of the renowned players of the world. Nowadays,...

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Tennis for Beginners


Tennis is one of those games where the psychological factor is utterly demanding and important for the beginners. Thus, tennis for beginners is perhaps one of the most challenging and...

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Tennis Elbow


Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a very common injury, where the outer portion of the elbow becomes sore and tender. Although it mainly occurs to the sportspersons, who used...

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Tennis Social Networking


Social networking can mainly be denoted as a grouping of individuals into various precise groups, such as neighborhood subdivisions, small and rural communities or similar sort of establishments. Although it...

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Find A Tennis Partner


Finding an appropriate tennis partner is perhaps one of the most grueling tasks in this world. There are certain factors that often play a crucial role in creating several impediments...

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Roger Federer impresive serving


You guys need to check that youtube video, it is showing Roger serving precision, very cool.

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Anyd’s Roddick tennis future

Recent tennis tournaments made me thinking about Andy. He lost recently to Fish and today Simon sends him home. On top of that I must to bring up the most...

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What Is Your NTRP Rating?


Find Your Tennis Skill Level

Knowing your tennis skill level is an important part of searching for an evenly-matched partner to practice with. The National Tennis Ratings Program (NTRP) was established...

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My 2010 Wimbledon experience


I was fortunate to attend one of the kind grand slam, Wimbledon. The experience is one of the kind and below are some of the tips that I think anyone...

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Finding the Best Tennis Partner


Tips to Help You Find a Tennis Partner

Finding good tennis partner can sometimes be challenging. The most common problem is that you will find someone to play with but your...

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Rafa Nadal is wearing watch as French Open


Rafa's new watch is making a buzz, it is really good marketing if you are like tennis and have half of million to spend on watch. Why is he waring...

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USTA 4.5 team for Northeast Tennis Center in Middleton MA.

@#$% there anyone out there from MA at the 4.0 or 4.5 level that would like to play on a 4.5 team.  We currenty have 7 players and need at...

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Agassi and Sampras


Most of you probably saw it or heard about what happen on Hit for Haiti. For sure get a lots of press attention. Most of the did deliver facts but...

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Rogers's difficult draw at Indian Wells


I was just looking for at 2010 India Wells draw and I must say things are looking very interesting. As a big Rogers fan I'm always looking at his path...

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What are the best strings for the best spin

I play with a lot off spin, more spin I can generate then better. Right now I'm using Luxilon Big Banger and I really like.

However, I was wondering if anybody...

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What is wrong with Dick Enberg


I must ask this question, what is wrong with @#$% Enberg? Last night I was watching tennis and he was a commentator. He was saying that there was a devastating...

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Rafa's outfit

Who else thinks that the sleeveless shirt should be back? I can not stand those colors  .... man  they are so bright that they hurt my yeas!   and come on...

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Thoughts on the 2010 Australian Open

If you've looked at my profile you know that my top three players are Fed, Rafa, and Del Potro.  I want them all to do well in this tournament.   And...

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My hopes for 2010 Australian Open final


I was just seeing repeat of 2009 final and man I forgot how great that mach was.
Nadal was out of control and Roger was doing everything he could to...

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Hit for Haiti


World number 1 Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams and Sam Stosur...

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Federer watch at the Australian Open


The Tournament starts on Monday! First up Igor Andreev, remember he was the opponent that took Fed to 5 thrilling sets at the US OPEN 2008 in the 4th round....

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